UK-India AI Partnership Program

In partnership with the Indo-British All Party Parliamentary Group

As part of this program we aim to provide an elevated platform to various international stakeholders, technologists, policy experts, technology designers to facilitate discussion between UK & India to strengthen partnerships on AI. We are acting as an enabler of strengthening the UK-India relationship through cooperation with inclusive development.
Through this program, we aim to catapult partnerships between UK & India through dedicated research, capacity building programmes, podcasts, events, and other medium of communication to advice policy development. These activities aim to catalyse practical action for AI and explore the potential areas of cooperation, bringing about a lasting change in the digital infrastructure and research in both the UK and India.

Program Chairs

Mrs. Ruchi Ghanashyamis a former Indian diplomat who joined the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1982. Mrs. Ghanashyamwas the High Commissioner of India to the United Kingdom till May, 2020. Prior to her role as the High Commissioner to the UK, she was the Secretary (West) in Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi from April 2017 to November, 2018. In her career experience of nearly 38 years after joining the IFS, Mrs. Ruchi Ghanashyam served in the Embassy of India Damascus, Kathmandu, Brussels, High Commission of India Islamabad and in the Permanent Mission of India to the UN, New York. At the Headquarters, Mrs Ruchi Ghanashyam served as Director (Pakistan) and Director CNV Division, MEA and as Joint Secretary and Additional Secretary for the Europe West Division of MEA, New Delhi.Mrs. Ghanashyam was also the High Commissioner of Ghana accredited to Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Togo.She has also served as High Commissioner of India to South Africa with concurrent accreditation to Kingdom of Lesotho

Amb. Mrs. Ruchi Ghanashyam

Former High Commissioner of India to the UK, South Africa | Co-Chair, UK India Ai Partnership, AI Policy Labs

Mr. Uday Nagaraju is the Founder and Director of AI Policy Labs, a Think Tank based in London. Mr. Nagaraju is also the Co-Founder and Executive President of Global Policy Insights. Mr. Nagarajucombines leadership and technology, and aims to utilise his experience in technology, policy and governance towards societal development. An advocate of international cooperation on AI, and a speaker and writer on AI and Governance, Mr. Nagarajuregularly speaks, teaches and writes on well-respected platforms. Also the Director of the Mahatma Gandhi Future Leaders Program (MGFLP), Mr. Uday Nagaraju heads MGFLP, a program which trains the new generation of political leaders from the Indian community in the UK.

Uday Nagaraju

Founder & Director, AI Policy Labs | Co-Chair, UK India AI Partnership, AI Policy Labs

March 2021

The first part of the series was an internal roundtable with Parliamentarians, with participants from more than 5 APPGs and global experts laying the foundation for the program. We brought together Vice-Chairs/reps of 10+  APPGs, each representing around 20 parliamentarians discussing the importance and plan of action in the context of UK-India AI partnership.

Program Concept Note

May 2021

The event ‘Digital Revolution, Future of Bilateral Trade & Potential Partnerships between the UK- India’ was scheduled on May 19 2021. This was the second event in the series. This event aimedat

1.  Achieving superior synchronisation of new technological developments in the two countries to impel greater openness to trade and opportunities

2.ScanthehorizonofpotentialopportunitiesforUK-Indiacollaborativeengagementstoenhance partnerships

3.  Preparing businesses in both the nations to make the most of this disruptive change.

Program Concept Note

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