About Us

AI for Public Goods, Social Good, SDGs, Governance and Policy

AI Policy Labs is a global public policy thinktank dedicated to exploring the role of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging technologies in addressing global challenges taking into account the challenges posed by technology. Based out of London with a global presence, our experts come from a range of interdisciplinary fields. Our mission is to inform and shape the discussion of AI & Emerging Technologies in all areas and explore efficient utilisation for Social Good. Through our work, we aim to provide thought leadership, create tools and resources to bring about social change engaging with partners across sectors and countries for highest impact. We bring expertise from myriad professional fields to gather insights from technocrats, sector experts, AI professionals, decision makers and other key stakeholders to enable change at the global level. We work through a series of focused work programmes, multi-party dialogues and evidence based research.

Who is Involved

  • ➔Policy Makers and global leaders
  • ➔Academia and research scholars
  • ➔AI Experts and Leaders
  • ➔Industry/Sector Experts 
  • ➔Business Leaders 
  • ➔Technology Experts and Leaders
  • ➔Public Policy Experts
  • ➔think tanks & NGOs

What We Do?

  • ➔Create engaging multi-stakeholder platforms
  • ➔Undertake interdisciplinary research
  • ➔Bring together thought leadership in the field of Policy making

We aim to research and bring together key stakeholders for establishing successful implementation of AI to achieve social good, establish long-term collaborations between AI researchers and application-domain experts, and identify key opportunities for future AI applications targeted towards social good.

  • ➔Create targeted work programmes
  • ➔Seek expert opinions through engagements at multiple levels through
  • ➔Podcast series
  • • Working papers
  • • Research reports
  • • Events and Conferences
  • ➔Engage directly will Global leaders at the highest level

We strongly believe in the ability to find innovative solutions by bringing together expertise of people around the world. With that vision we are partnering with nonprofits, academia, international organisations, governments, industry and public sector organisations to create systemic solutions. In addition, we understand that challenges at the grassroots level differ substantially from those that are faced by the policy makers at the highest levels. Therefore we engage with stakeholders at all levels to identify the core challenges and provide targeted solutions for policy making and governance. Through this, we also aim to lead discussions around responsible AI for equitable development.

Who Is Involved​?

● Policy Agents
● Academics 
● AI Experts and Leaders
● Industry/Sector Experts 
● Business Leaders 
● Technology Experts and Leaders
● Public Policy Experts 
● Researchers