Governance, Innovation and Development Academy

Training Program

Governance, Innovation and Development Academy  aims to build capacity of scholars, policymakers, diplomats, development experts in governance utilising innovation for inclusive development.  The impact of fourth industrial revolution and AI on governance and development forms the core of the Academy and we take a multidimensional  approach to develop capacity of individuals, organisations and governments in  development, technology and innovation.


Program Objective
•  Capacity-building support for parliamentarians, officials, bureaucrats and policy makers

•  Leverage AI and emerging Tech for Development

•  Augment country’s current capacity to implement AI

•  Explore new opportunities and global conversations

•  Tools for the good governance of AI

• Educate individuals and organisations on the potential, risks and challenges of AI and emerging technology

AI Policy Labs creates and delivers customised capacity building programs based on organisational needs for policymakers, legislators, bureaucrats, diplomats, other official staff to prepare them for the emerging innovations in technology and AI in governance to solve development issues. Courses range from basics to more advanced topics on innovation, governance and development.



•  Basics of Emerging Technologies, AI and Fourth Industrial Revolution

•  Development Technology and Innovation Policy

•  Advanced course of AI and Fourth Industrial revolution – opportunities, risks and challenges

•  AI, Emerging Tech and Local Governance

•  AI for Policy Making

•  Use cases of AI in key economic sectors

GID Scholars Program

The world is less than a decade away from the 2030 target of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. The SDG finance gap per annum, which was 2.5 trillion USD before the pandemic, is now at 4.2 trillion(2021). The economic outlook isn’t great, and the finance gap suggests severe funding constraints. The complexity of global developmental challenges is ever-increasing; governments and organisations have to grapple with limited funding and come up with solutions.


Innovation is key. Cost-effective, innovative solutions utilising technology for inclusive development can be a potential gamechanger. Towards that, organisations and individuals need to be trained.


AI Policy Labs aims to prepare current and aspiring leaders in transdisciplinary approaches to modern-day complex issues. With this objective, AIPL annually selects a cohort (7- 12) scholars for its GIDS Program, and prepares them to address strategic issues from a multidimensional, multistakeholder perspective.


Scholars from across countries, levels and sectors are shortlisted by us and trained to become future-ready with relevant skills in the age of the digital revolution. The cohort 2021 has been intentionally kept as a mix of leaders with diverse experience level and backgrounds ranging from very senior bureaucrats, diplomats to fresh graduates.


2021 Cohort< link with names of participants>


There is a selection process of accomplished scholars based on a competitive application process for future cohorts selected for their ability as leaders to be change-makers.


Scholars who are part of the cohort will benefit from the support of faculty and staff mentors and collaborative onboarding for training.


Scholars will be based in extensive training sessions either organised in-house by AI Policy Labs or by our partner organisations delivering these specialised training through this program.