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Global Governance on AI

Global Governance on AI

AI has brought extremely beneficial innovations across industries such as self-driving cars, speech recognition software, spam filtering algorithms that increase the efficiency of systems and processes by a great degree. However, the field is largely unregulated and presses the need for a balance between the benefits and unintended adverse effects. This balance can be achieved through global governance on development of AI and the subsequent usage across the spectrum.

Following two factors contribute to global governance on AI


● lack of regulations and absence of control/oversight systems


● hindering of the checks and balances system

Global Governance, Innovation and Development Scholars

    Elizaveta Chymkh

    Project Assistant at DCAF, Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance.

    Harjeet Sahota

    Political Advisor

    Keshav Khanna

    Research Assistant at the Bulan Institute of Peace Innovations, Geneva.

    Naman Singha

    Research Associate at AI Policy Labs, London.

    Sai Sri Bathina

    Superintendent of Police, Intelligence, Telangana, India.