Uday Nagaraju is the Co-Founder and Executive President of Global Policy Insights, a centrist Policy think tank. He combines leadership and experience in technology and policy with a deep interest and understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on policy and governance. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Oxfordbrookes University, UK and a Bachelors in Computer Technology from Nagpur University, India. He will be pursuing a Development, Technology and Innovation MPA from University College London(UCL) later this year.

Uday is passionate about AI and has keen interest in utilising AI for public goods, policy and governance around AI. He setup AI Policy Labs with the theme of AI for Public Goods and Social Good.

He also heads the Commonwealth Project at GPI as the Project Director. First event on Commonwealth that Uday executed almost single handedly in 2018 December was mentioned in the UK Parliamentary Question Hour on International Trade. https://goo.gl/zrrUJv